Party Size Long Island Iced Tea

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Long Island Iced Tea - contains 27 (185ml) servings - 19.4% VOL


Dating back to the days of prohibition, the Cocktail Iced tea brings together vodka, gin, rum and triple sec with sharp citrus and sweet Coca-Cola. Refreshingly easy to drink but definitely packs a punch!


Delivered with additional cola to add more sparkle as desired.


How to enjoy your cocktails

  1. Store chilled, keg will last up to 1 month from delivery unopened.
  2. Shake keg to mix ingredients and get the best flavour
  3. Pour 200ml (1 serve) into your favourite glass
  4. Add a glug of coca-cola to sparkle or enjoy as is - the choice is yours!
  5. Repeat steps 3&4 until empty


Enjoy your cocktails and share any photos/reviews with @mrc2you


Once opened consume within 3 days, shaking occasionally to get best flavour.